Thursday, September 18, 2008

And my thoughts too...

I guess this is a hot button topic... Have we had one of these yet? I guess since I am a contributor I would like to contribute. I share the same sentiments as Heather and Midnight Cafe. I do not have a church. It's not that I don't like going, I am one of those strange people who enjoys it. But I never feel "at home". Should you have a building to feel at home? Sometimes I feel more at home sitting on a friend's couch fellowshipping then i do in a pew? I often feel more connected with people when I'm making a meal for them then when I'm half-heartedly making small talk and shaking their hands on a Sunday morning. I have no answers. There is no right or wrong.
The early church was not just one service one morning a week, it was everyday living.
Loving, giving, worshipping, serving can happen anywhere at anytime and that is more important to me then a service once a week.
Truthfully, I am made to feel guilty by others who say I'm not Christian enough if i don't go to church every week. Should=Shame. I don't want to go to church out of shame or guilt. I want my heart to be in it, but I want my heart to be in it everyday with everyone that is around me.
Love joy peace patience kindness gentleness faithfulness self control.


Riley said...

Sabrina, good post. Some of us (including you, it sounds, and me) see the world moving beyond the idea of Sunday worship. A good friend of mine (pastor's kid, no less) said it best when he said "A church needs to act as a community center, and the pastor as a community organizer." He went on to say that's why he attends church, for that sense of community, a place where dialogue is king, especially if that dialogue involves theology and its varying branches. This friend of mine said he can take or leave the heavy-handed doctrine, but there's nothing like that sense of community you get when at church.

Sabrina, if you're getting that sense of community, however you personally define it, then that is your worship. Whether it be at a bowling alley (my first night of bowling is tonight), a golf course, a city or county park, the Grand Canyon, your dining room table or tailgating at the Vikings game, find that sense of community and cherish it. You can do good anywhere. You can hear the good word from any of God's children, if you listen.

Heather of the EO said...

S-I was hoping you'd say something. This is just good stuff. I'm working on my post, but it's slow because of what you said, "no right or wrong" Funny how I'm always looking for right and wrong in these discussions. Like a certain "Mission Friend" said, I'm sometimes trying to find all the pieces of the puzzle and then finish and be done. But spirituality doesn't work like that. Not that we can't find biblical answers...but sometimes that is even about interpretation and opinion.

MidnightCafe said...

Sabrina, I *really* thought I had left a comment here before. I wanted to let you know that it's good to hear from someone else who's in a similar place. I appreciate your thoughts and perspective.

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