Wednesday, May 6, 2009

How Great IS our God?

I saw the below video this morning and wanted to share it here.

You know, I think about myself so much, that I make me (and my problems) really big and important. This video reminded me how very small I am in this big old universe. Not unimportant, just very small. Which reminded me of our discussion here recently on faith and humility and other things.

You may have to stick with it just a few minutes to really get into it, but I'm pretty sure you won't be disappointed by the end. No matter what you believe about God, this will get you thinking. If you aren't able to sit through 5 parts at once, the post will still be here, come back later (with popcorn), this is really good stuff.

If you have older children, I think this would be a really good thing for them to see. It really drives home what miracles we (they) are, and how much God loves us. I think that's so important for kids to fully grasp starting at a young age. (I say "older children" only because it probably won't keep younger children's attention.)

OK, enough rambling Heather...


Oh OK, just one more thing. I have this tendency to doubt that God is actually really intimately involved with humans. I see all the sick kids, the death, the disease and I want to scream "WHAT are you doing???" But today I was reminded that He's there and He's HUGE. He is the One that picks up the pieces, helps us take one step further...even when He could have left us to do the pain thing all by ourselves. We see it. We see the miracles coming after death, disease, and pain. He didn't have to do that. But He made it so that the greatest good will eventually come from every pain and sorrow. There is an eternal hope.

The End. (of my part anyway) :)


Jillene said...

WOW--thanks for sharing that Heather. I feel honored that you e-mailed me the link. You really are AMAZING.

I took your advice and stopped watching (oh I really hate to admit that I actually watch this) Days of Our Lives to watch the videos. Thanks again for sharing. Peace out!!

mama-face said...

I've only watched the first video...interesting. I always have so many questions. I'm looking forward to finding some time to watch the rest and do some thinking. Thanks for visiting me and letting me know about this.
You saw my comment on another blog and let me know about these videos. It is weird how things work out sometimes, right?

Heidi Ashworth said...

I also only watched the first video so far but he sure is entertaining, isn't he? I, for one, can say that I know God is intimately involved in my affairs. Since I am no one, I can only assume he is intimately involved in the affairs of each of His children.

MidnightCafe said...

Thanks so much for finding these! I wanted Mane to see them, but I hadn't looked them up yet.

I looked up some more of this type of stuff with Mango last night, and it really blew my socks off. (And he explained string theory to me, too. ;))

Jessica said...

Thanks for sharing these, Heather! I haven't watched them because I'm pretty sure that I did see at least one of them at his concert, and I like your idea, I'm going to get Sami to watch them with me! Thanks for directing me to them!

Oh, and happy happy mother's day to one of the greatest moms I (blogger) know!

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