Sunday, May 25, 2008

50 Hours and Five Minutes, But Who's Counting?

I am counting the hours until the International Justice Mission banquet (this coming Tuesday). I mentioned on my other blog awhile ago that I couldn't stand the excitement. To prepare I have been reading two books by the president of IJM, Gary Haugen (he rocks). I love "Good News About Injustice; A Witness of Courage in a Hurting World." Wow. Great book.
I would like to say watching Bono interviews on YouTube a lot is also preparing me, but I guess it might not totally relate to IJM, but I love IJM and Bono for the same reasons. The philosophies of both just make perfect sense to me.
"Precisely because it is not our first and natural inclination, we are called to a conscious effort of reserving a space in our thought life for those who suffer abuse and oppression in our world." - Gary Haugen
So expect a rambling post after the banquet. I expect to be inspired.

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Lyn said...

Hi Heather,
It's encouraging to see your enthusiasm for IJM,did you know about G.Haugen's newest book, Just courage? ( You might be interested in checking it out. -Thanks for posting this up-Lyn at IJM HQ

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