Friday, May 9, 2008

Lessons from a Cat

My cat is kinda fickle. If there is food in his bowl and it's not fresh, he won't touch it. Every morning and every evening, the cat circles around his bowl, crying out, Feed Me! And I walk over and see that he has a full bowl of food and think, Just eat what you have!
But then it hit me the other day, Don't I like fresh food daily? What if everyday someone set in front of me the same meal, partially eaten and said, Just Eat it! I would cry out, but i want something new and FRESH! I get it.
I think that is how we also are with spirituality. We have come to demand something fresh and new everyday from God. And I especially see this in the church. Churches constantly have to re-invent themselves to stay relevant, new, hip and FRESH. No one wants the same dull worship and sermon week after week. And what happens when we get bored? We seek other places to find that freshness. Im not talking about a church that has literally dried up, where because of various reasons, the Spirit is no longer moving, the shepherd is no longer leading and it is dead. What I am referring to, is the constant merry-go-round of feed me, fill me and entertain me. Sadly, it mirrors our culture. Kurt Cobain said it best, "Here we are now, entertain us."
Thus goes the way of the church, if they want people in the pews, there better be a good show. I'm not saying this is right or wrong, because believe me, sometimes church is very boring. I really don't blame the church at all, you have to move with the tides. But as Heather wrote not too long ago, what if church wasn't just a Sunday morning ritual but an everyday practice? Living in community and fellowship with others. Maybe we could find our true joy in serving others and helping others find their joy. Or maybe we can find something new and fresh every morning, just by waking up and saying Ok God, pour yourself into me, so i can pour myself into others. Is that possible? That is my struggle, because quite honestly I do want to be entertained. I want life to be fresh and new, but I tend to find it through media, culture and entertainment. But can life just be entertaining and fresh just by being regular life, and can I truly find joy in the little things???

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